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What is a Raspberry Pi Enclosure?

A raspberry pi enclosure is a low cost enclosure that houses electronics that have many applications. When Raspberry Pi enclosures or Cases, came to market an explosion happened. It gave more than the opportunity for young engineers to design a computer. It changed and simplified electronic applications for good in a positive way.

As a result of its popularity, injection molding manufacturers took advantage of the buzz and sheer amounts sold. These manufactures based on the new pi boards success created a market. This market was named “off-the-shelf cases” for the Raspberry Pi case.

Although there are some differences between certain versions of these enclosures, such as Model 1, 2, 3, and 4. This does not impact Toolless' ability to adjust its design. In fact, they all have similar designs, but the microcontrollers may vary.

The connectors and position of the connectors is what matters for our designs. We are very accommodating when it comes to designing a custom plastic enclosure.

Different Variations of the Raspberry Pi


Raspberry pi 1


Raspberry Pi 1 Model

One of our 1st iteration of a custom raspberry pi case design. The customer needed access to all connectors on front for the ribbon cable. We made a big cut out to ease connections. No other access was needed but the customer wanted an enclosure cosmetically please and his logo on top. We added some flair by mixing the color of the plastic (White and red) to match his logo.

Raspberry pi 2

Raspberry Pi 2 Model

This is a screen communication interface using the jack on the side of the circuit board. The micro USB placed in the back and keeping a sleek look, which was our customer’s priority. We designed a duo-tone enclosure with some rounded corners. Thanks to our zero-tooling process, we made a couple of iterations at no extra cost, before moving to production.

raspberry pi 3

Raspberry Pi 3 Model

This single tone enclosure exclusively made for this customer offers multiple options for the end user. The customer needed a fast an easy solution to house a board. And to serve the purpose of a computer. Basically they needed to have access to all connectors including a power supply, as small as possible and user interface friendly.
 Rasberry Pi 4

Raspberry Pi 4 Model

Punch out option for this D-sub connector, unique sleek design for the zero tooling enclosure. The  board is mounted on 4 bosses. In addition, it has a Display board is stacked on the top of the main board. The display is showing through a non-glare acrylic, and some connectors are protruding out of the enclosure.



Many engineers were stuck with these standard "off the shelf" enclosures. They were unable to adjust their hard plastic cases for electronics and facilitate more advanced projects. Additionally, a few variations of the enclosure came out such as Beaglebones, Arduino, Cubieboard, Adafruit etc.

As a result it has become very difficult to find an enclosure that can combine different boards together. It also made simply use of this new technology in flexible ways.

The Toolless Solution

Toolless is bring another approach to your raspberry PI case design. We offer a cost effective solution for your custom enclosures. Whatever the size, number of cut outs, print style or number of boards in an enclosure, Toolless can accommodate. 

There is no need for a mold, drawing or to design your own case. We do it for you at very limited cost with our enclosure design package. This package includes an engineered 3D model and prototype with no minimum order quantity.

Toolless has designed a number of custom raspberry pi enclosures along with Beaglebone and Arduino cases. Below are a few pictures and 3D renderings of our past projects:

Gallery: Raspberry Pi
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6 Raspberry-Pi-Custom-Enclosure-1 Raspberry-Pi-Custom-Enclosure-1-Exploded
Raspberry-Pi-Custom-Enclosure-2 Raspberry-Pi-Custom-Enclosure-2-exploded Raspberry-Pi-Custom-Enclosure-3

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