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Affordable Prototyping

Affordable PrototypingToolless Plastic Solutions offers off-the-shelf pricing for custom plastic enclosures with the advantage of time and quality. No need of a new mold or pricey CNC work; our in house engineers can modify your part quickly with minimal cost.

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Manufacturing Process

ManufacturingThe Toolless technology is a CNC machining and fabrication process that uses assembly techniques borrowed from the sheet metal and (wood) cabinet making industries.

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Flexible Design Changes

Flexible Design ChangesOur process allows for design changes “on the fly” with zero modifications to molds or tooling for a truly flexible system with quick changes and low cost implementations.

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Creative Design Process

Creative Design ProcessIf aesthetics are a priority, Toolless will make a nice looking plastic enclosure that meets your specifications. Our process allows straight lines to curved shapes with the technology to bring your design from the drawing board to a complete product.

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Engineering Support

Project EngineeringAs a supplier of custom plastic enclosures, we provide an engineering staff that is able to make your design a reality. Toolless Plastic Solutions employs experienced designers and mechanical engineers who develop new or modify existing plastic enclosure designs. 

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Quality Control Services

Quality Control ServicesToolless experience and know-how will allow you to create the project you desire with the highest quality in the market. With more than 14 years in the business of plastic enclosures and complex custom enclosures, Toolless Plastic Solutions is the right provider your project.

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Quick Turnaround

Quick TurnaroundFrom design to production in a mater of weeks! The Toolless plastic manufacturing process allows you to create custom plastic enclosures in weeks, not months. And, because we do not use molds or tooling, modifications to your design are quick and easy.

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Materials Selection

Materials SellectionOne of the key elements of our process is the utilization of plastic sheets that are pre-colored and textured. Because the material is available in an unlimited combination of chemical composition, colors, gauges, and textures, we can offer a material for the most demanding applications.

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Blanket Order Program

SpacerAt Toolless Plastic Solutions, we not only specialize in prototypes and small runs, but we also work with many companies for their volume production runs. Our flexibility and expertise gives us the ability to run low to medium production runs without the financial risk of carrying inventory. 

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SpacerOur process requires minimal investment because there’s No Mold, No Tooling, and No minimum order requirement.  Toolless makes it possible to create a quality prototype on a tight budget prior to having investors.

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