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C Box Enclosure

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C Box Plastic Enclosure Projects

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All our plastic enclosures are custom made and adjustable to your specifications, without molds or tooling. The enclosures below are just examples to illustrate our capabilities, our fabrication process is not limited to these designs.

Standard enclosure 1


Without molds or tooling, this two color C box plastic enclosure design is our easy-to-open basic model.  Engraved logo on top. Economical snap together configuration, tongue in bottom C and grooves inside the top C. The PCB is mounted via standoffs (bosses).


standard enclosure 2


Instead of standoffs to mount the PCB this customer choose to have slots on the inside to hold the PCB.  It makes the assembly easy and quick.


standard enclosure 3

 Wall Mounted

This single colored, wall mounted 2C enclosure worked really well for our customer.  He made 2 different types in 2 different sizes, at minimum modifications costs. Our customer especially likes his printed logo on the front of the box and the ability to remove the side flanges if needed.

 standard enclosure 4

 Desktop Enclosure

Specially built for custom circuit boards, this multicolored C-box worked very well for our customer. Our zero tooling manufacturing process that produces 25 monthly units and flexible design was ideal for our customer’s needs. He especially likes the way the back looks and added printed content on the front via our digital printer. This enclosure also contains a Raspberry Pi board mounted via bosses. All the vents and holes are custom made without tools or molding.

 standard enclosure 5

LCD Screen Enabled

This clamshell configuration plastic enclosure has a unique, curved top. Black and white with a curved side area allows a LCD screen to be installed on top. The digital printing gives it an eye catching look and makes the use of this device clear to the consumer. The manufacturing process remains the same with our tongue and groove fabrication. No need for a screw driver because this enclosure snaps together easily.



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