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Happy New Year 2020

Posted by Toolless / January 7, 2020 / Posted Under:
Happy New Year from our Toolless Plastic Family to Yours! We had a great year in 2019 and are excited to see what 2020 may bring for us—we can only assume custom plastic enclosures are in our future. The Year in Review: In 2019 we welcomed new customers with new prototypes. Some as clos...

Introducing our new Office Administrator

Posted by Toolless / November 15, 2019 / Posted Under:
Dear valued customer, My name is Twyla and I am very excited to join the Toolless Plastics Team! I have stepped into Tina’s role as the office administrator. While replacing Tina--who was a staple to this company--is daunting, I plan to provide the same efficient, high quality, and friendly ...

ISO 9001

Posted by Toolless / September 23, 2019 / Posted Under:
WOW!  It has been over a year since my last blog post.  The last year has been exciting times and the next six months will be even more so.  Let me explain.  Over the last year Toolless has been working hard to improve our quality and lead times.  We have added a second di...

The New Year

Posted by Toolless / March 2, 2018 / Posted Under:
WOW!  How time flies.  It’s nearly a quarter of the way through the New Year already.  Toolless continues to experience exciting times in developing new custom prototypes for a wide range of projects, as well as continued production for established customers.  We continue t...

Variety - The Spice of Life

Posted by Toolless / September 6, 2017 / Posted Under:
An 18th century English poet, William Cowper, once wrote, “Variety’s the very spice of life, that gives it all it’s flavor.”  At Toolless every new prototype for a costume plastic enclosure or housing is different.  Our custom enclosures are used by many different c...

One Advantage for Using Toolless

Posted by Toolless / June 13, 2017 / Posted Under:
                          One advantage Toolless offers is our ability to accept changes during production.   Let’s say we have completed your prototype and ...

Digital Printing

Posted by Toolless / May 18, 2017 / Posted Under:
Almost 60% of our customers require some type of graphic on their enclosure ranging from simple labeling to extensive logo graphics.  A couple of years ago Toolless transitioned from using silk-screening to using a digital printer for graphics.  Although not used often, we can even print r...

Raspberry Pi

Posted by Toolless / April 27, 2017 / Posted Under:
Let’s talk Raspberry Pi.  I don’t have a computer background so I can’t tell you everything the Raspberry Pi can do, but I do know more and more customers are requesting enclosures either to hold a Raspberry Pi or have one included with other components and/or configurations.&...

Toolless Prototype Process

Posted by Toolless / April 17, 2017 / Posted Under:
The Toolless Prototype Process.  The first step is to make contact with our Sales Team.  They will gather as much information about your project as possible.  This can be as extensive as a detailed model or drawings you may already have or as simple as describing the concept you hav...

Welcome to Toolless' Blog!

Posted by Toolless / February 20, 2017 / Posted Under: Manufacturing News
Our first BLOG!  It’s a very exciting time for Toolless.  I am a CAD designer at Toolless and have been asked to provide periodic insights and experiences about our work.   When folks ask me what I do for a living, I respond, “I design plastic enclosures.”&nbs...