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Toolless is a cost effective solution to make a custom plastic enclosures to test your market.

Toolless Plastic Solutions compares favorably with injection molded parts in appearance, finishing, and durability with a minimal non-recurring engineering charge.

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  • We offer off-the-shelf pricing for custom plastic enclosures.
  • Modifications to your plastic enclosures at very limited cost.
  • Due to our unique technology there are no tooling or mold costs.
  • Send us your 3D model and we can easily create a plastic enclosure for little cost.

Toolless Plastic Solutions offers off-the-shelf pricing for custom plastic enclosures with the advantage of time and quality. If changes are made with thermoforming, or injection molding technologies, you would have to pay for a new mold each time you modify your product. With Toolless Plastic Solutions, there is no need of a new mold, and our in house engineers will modify the part quickly with minimal cost.

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