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ABS Plastic Enclosure Manufacturer

Here at Toolless, an ABS plastic enclosure manufacturer, 80% of our production uses general purpose ABS.

Whether it is for a small enclosure or a large enclosure for your electronic components. Toolless has the capability to deliver a quality product to make electronic projects a reality .

For the plastic project boxes, we offer a wide variety ABS material thickness as well as any different size enclosures. Materials such as 3mm, 4mm and 6mm– in an array of colors. Our plastic housings usually comes in black, white, light grey, or dark grey.

However, we have the capability to custom color match to specific needs. Color minimum order is around 2000lb and depending on thickness and size of your custom plastic enclosure for electronics. We can determine what quantity of ABS boxes can be produced in this volume.

Our electronic enclosures are able to be used with wall mounts and with various the power supply options. These can be placed in anyway your design indicates. Toolless brings a flexibility to your project that is unmatched.

Find below 2 types of ABS for your ABS plastic projects:

Standard ABS Plastic Enclosures (UL94 HB):

ALLEN® 552/LXS is a general purpose ABS enclosures that has high impact strength used to create all of our Plastic Enclosures. It’s is available in white, black, light grey and dark grey. Available sizes include 3mm (.118”), 4mm (.157”), 6mm (.236”) and 8mm (.314”). Data Sheet

Flame Retardant ABS Plastic Enclosures (UL94 V0):

Royalite Thermoplastic sheet can be processed on all thermoforming equipment to create Plastic Enclosures that are flame retardant. It is available in black and white in 3mm (.118”). Data Sheet

If you require flame retardant plastic enclosures let us know by filling out the request form.

Toolless Plastic Solutions has been specializing in electronic project enclosures for over 20 years. We have the experience and technology to build custom electronic enclosures with no mold or tooling.

Learn more about the Toolless manufacturing process. See how we will make quality enclosures that are affordable with excellent customer service.