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Standard Plastic Enclosures


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At Toolless Plastic Solutions we specialize in the manufacturing and designing of custom and standard plastic enclosures. 

We create multiple different types of enclosures that range from small and simple to large and complex. With over 14+ years manufacturing using the Toolless process we have the  knowledge and experience to deliver plastic enclosures that meet and exceed our customer expectations.

In order to respond to our customer’s budgets and time constraint, Toolless has created a range of pre-existing “adjustable” design, with short lead time and cost effective; adjustable in size, cut outs and other features (Bosses, Acrylic windows, inserts etc…). Easy to assemble with its unique snap-in feature, No molds, No tools.

EB100 Plastic Enclosure

The Easy Box 100 series plastic enclosures are a great design for simple, ready, applications.  The classic 4 piece design with a "U' or "C' shape is built to accommodate varying types of electronics in an affordable, quality package, with fast turn around. 

EB 200 Plastic Enclosure

Our Easy Box 200 series plastic enclosures are more simple than the EB100 series.. They are  designed around 2 "U" shaped pieces that form together easily, for our customers who need simple enclosures and an affordable price.

For different designs browse our sister site Electronicase:


Acrylic Plastic Enclosures

Acrylic Plastic Enclosure

Display cases, trade show designs, or just a clear enclosure, at Toolless our acrylic plastic enclosures are unmatched. With clean lines, perfect bezels, and that "glass" look you want. We manufacture an  acrylic enclosure that is light on the pocket book, but heavy on presentation.

Electronics Enclosures

Electronic Plastic Enclosure

No matter what electronics you have, how you want them to mount, or what type of plastic enclosure you desire, Toolless has you covered. From pcb risers, to ports, we make your design a reality by working closely with you on an plastic enclosure that houses your electronics perfectly.

ABS Plastic Enclosures

ABS Plastic Enclosure

ABS is a great material for plastic enclosures. It's durable, light weight, affordable, and easy to work with. We specialize in getting ABS material that meet's our customers needs and works with their design. No matter the color or finish, we will find an ABS plastic for your project.

Please browse the rest of our site to look through our plastic enclosures we've created over the years to learn more about the Toolless manufacturing process.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to give us a call, or request a quote.