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When the Raspberry Pi came out on the market, not only did it give a lot of young engineers the opportunity to design their own computer based module, but it also changed and simplified many heavy duty applications.  As a result of its popularity, many injection molding manufacturers took advantage of the buzz and quantities initiated by this mother board, and created their own “off-the-shelf case” for Raspberry Pi.

However, many engineers were stuck with these standard enclosures because they could not adjust their board to a more advanced project.  Additionally a few variations of the Raspberry Pi came out such as Beaglebones, Arduino, Cubieboard, Adafruit etc.  As a result it became very difficult to find a case that could combine the boards together, or simply use these boards in different contexts.

At Toolless Plastic Solution, we have a cost effective solution that meets these requirements due to our flexible process.  Whatever the size, the number of cut outs, the print or how many boards are put in a case, we can accommodate any designs and deliver products in a timely manner, at very limited cost. No need for a mold, drawings or to design your case, Toolless does it for you.  Our design package includes the design in a 3D model, and the prototype with no minimum quantity.

Toolless has designed more than a dozen custom enclosures involving a Raspberry Pi board, beaglebone, Arduino.  Below are a few 3D rendering of enclosures we have made:

Gallery: Raspberry Pi
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6 Raspberry-Pi-Custom-Enclosure-1 Raspberry-Pi-Custom-Enclosure-1-Exploded
Raspberry-Pi-Custom-Enclosure-2 Raspberry-Pi-Custom-Enclosure-2-exploded Raspberry-Pi-Custom-Enclosure-3

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Raspberry Pi Testimonials:

"The FlightBox project is my first foray into hardware, and offering a rugged, well designed case was a critical part of the project. We initially considered injection molding, but with our volume the cost of tooling would never be recovered. I came across Toolless Plastic Solutions while searching for an affordable alternative. They handled the process of converting our prototype model - which was built for 3D printing - into an in incredibly strong and attractive design that could be manufactured at a price that fit our budget. Brice and his team were responsive, courteous, and professional throughout the project. It took only a week to settle on a design and get a prototype. They made a number of tweaks based on our testing, and were in production a week later.

The Kickstarter campaign and the production effort that followed have been an amazing learning experience. One of the most important lessons - find the right partners. Toolless Plastics has been a great partner and when we move to the next stage, we will be working with them again."

Steve Sokol
Founder - Open Flight Solutions
Flightbox Kickstarter