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Toolless Plastic Solutions has been specializing in custom electronic enclosures for over 15 years. Our custom CNC machines and made in America quality ensure you get an enclosure that is perfect for your electronics no matter the color, design, or size. At Toolless we have the experience and technology to build an electronic enclosure for your business in weeks, not months.

“My circuit board is so specific that I need a custom electronic enclosure. The “off-the-shelf” enclosure won’t fit my design and I’m desperately trying to find a suitable enclosure for it”

These are the types of customers we get every day. Unlike other enclosure manufacturers, our custom electronic enclosures are built specifically for you to get from prototype to product quickly. Toolless Plastic Solutions operates by providing an easy and  inexpensive solution to all your electronic enclosure needs. Using our pre-programmed configurations, we can incorporate any circuit board into our assembly line and match one of our plastic enclosures around it. Our CNC machines will cut the plastic for your custom connectors, ports,  risers, or buttons. All you have to do is provide your electronics while we take care of the rest.

Injecting or extruding plastic enclosures can be expensive. At Toolless Plastic Solutions we build your custom electronic enclosure and give you the benefit of a "low cost" solution with the quality of Injection molding. You also get the advantage of working with our in house engineers directly. Each engineer will work with you to make changes and provide advice on the type of electronic enclosures ideal for your application

For more information or to order your custom electronic enclosure please request a quote today. You can also view a few of our many electronic enclosure below and view all our work on our gallery page.

Gallery: Electronics Enclosures
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