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Easy Box 100 Plastic Enclosures


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The Easy Box 100 series plastic enclosures is designed as a plug and play enclosure ready for your applicatio n. A classic 4 piece design with a "U' or "C' shape inspiration. All we need is your electronics specs, and your port configuration for a simple and efficient plastic enclosure to start today, just click the request for quote button on the right.

  • No research cost.
  • Shapes are designed in order to lower production costs.
  • From basic pattern to a multitude of shapes.
  • One “C” or “U” shaped piece.
  • Same pricing as C-box (ie. also economical).
  • Snaps together but can be solvent bonded.
  • PCB usually mounted via bosses - some risk with grooves except if slid into bonded housing.
  • Swift concept stage including all customization (size, drilling, inner-arrangements and finishing touches).