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Custom Plastic Enclosures


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Custom plastic enclosures and housings are creative concepts with high cosmetic value that will give your products a unique design and nice finish. This is a longer process that demands more time with the customer because of the complexity and quality required.  Enclosure prototypes can take longer to have the right fit, but we take the time to ensure your complex enclosure will live up to the highest of standards.

At Toolless Plastic Solutions we specialize in the manufacturing and designing of complex plastic enclosures.  We create multiple different types of enclosures that range from small and simple to large and complex. With over 14 years of manufacturing using the Toolless process we have the knowledge and experience to deliver plastic enclosures that meet and exceed our customer expectations.

The Toolles manufacturing process gives us the ability to have high quality strong design and exceptional engineering without molds or tooling commonly used with injection molding. Because there is no mold to produce, or dies to cut, enclosure modifications are easier, faster, and cost less to implement. With this method you have plastic enclosures that look and feel like they've been injection molded, without loss of function or complexity, at a much lower cost and with less initial investment.

Please browse the rest of our site to look through our plastic enclosures we've created over the years to learn more about the Toolless manufacturing process.

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We can design and create custom plastic enclosure prototypes in 3 to 21 working days that will completely accommodate your components.

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 Toolless Plastic Solutions employs highly experienced designers, and mechanical engineers who  can develop new or modify existing designs of custom enclosures.

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High Quality

 Toolless' experience and know how will enable you to create the enclosure you want to compete with the high quality products in your market.

Medical Plastic Enclosures

With our medical plastic enclosures we at Toolless have always focused on creating a product that will stand up to the hospital environment. An enclosure that is durable, affective, and efficient, allowing doctors, and nurses to do their jobs without getting in the way.

Handheld Plastic Enclosures

Our knowledge with handheld plastic enclosures has resulted in multiple different designs  and  customer implementations.  We work with you and make the subtle design changes needed to ensure the device fits well in the hand without inhibiting it's function or  capabilities.