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Acrylic Plastic Enclosures


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With over fourteen years of experience, Toolless Plastic Solutions has succeeded into transferring our “tongue and groove” process into clear acrylic plastic enclosures. At Toolless we are always up for a challenge; and our engineers have worked hard accommodating this advanced technology by hiding glue directly into the acrylic plastic enclosure. At Toolless Plastic Solutions we work with Acrylic, Polycarbonate, PETG and others types of plastics in many different colors and thicknesses. Since acrylic requires specific glue and a special attention, we have made sure that our crew is well trained and detail oriented.

These types of plastic enclosures work perfect for parts displays, point of sales units, a replacement for glass enclosures, or many different applications where you would want people to see the insides of an enclosure. Toolless Plastic Solutions has the know how, experience, and capabilities to help you design any type of shape with no limitations. From plexiglass enclosures, acrylic cases, clear plastic boxes, or any container you want to have that glass enclosure look, at Toolless we can meet your needs

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