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Custom Plastic Enclosure Manufacturer No Molds Technology!


Electronic Enclosure Designs

  • A Turn Key Enclosure Solution
  • Ready to Assemble Including Hardware

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Fast Prototyping & Rapid Manufacturing

  • Prototype to part in Days not Weeks
  • Fast Turn Around
  • Modifications easily integrated

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Competitive Pricing

  • No Molds or Tooling / Low Set Up Cost
  • Small to Medium runs
  • Prototyping and Mass production

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Quality Custom Enclosures

  • On Site Engineering Team
  • Full Manufacturing Support
  • All Types of Finishes (Custom, Printing, Duo-Tones, etc)

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Electronic Enclosures

  • Pre-Designed Electronic Enclosures

  • Adjustable Designs
  • Fast Turnaround in Days, not Weeks
  • Modifications easily incorporated
  • Compares Favorably to 3D Printing
  • Designed to minimize Production Costs
  • Mass Production Capabilities
  • Competitive Pricing
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Plastic Enclosures

  • Custom Plastic Enclosures

  • Complex Shapes and Designs
  • Full Engineering Support
  • Medical Device Enclosure Expertise
  • Full Manufacturing Support
  • All Types of Finishes:
  • Custom Markings, Digital Printing, Duo-Tones, Painting
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Raspberri Pi

Raspberry PI Enclosures

  • Custom Raspberry PI Enclosures

  • Single or multiple connector access
  • Accommodate all raspberry PI options
  • Capability to include multiple components
  • Prototypes in 5 days
  • Variety of customize artwork option
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  • Medical Enclosures

  • Re-engineering at a limited cost
  • Can turn your box into a sleek looking enclosure
  • Variety of mounting options
  • RohS and labs compliant
  • EMI Shielding option.
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How We Work

We work with you from project conception and design to delivery of the final ready-to-use plastic enclosure. We pride ourselves on being the quickest, easiest, and most affordable solution to creating custom enclosures for your electronics, medical equipment, hand held devices, or any other enclosure types you have. Our on-staff engineering team will help you design and prototype a plastic enclosure to your specifications. No matter the level of detail, our engineers are qualified to ensure your enclosures live up to the very highest of standards. At our in-house manufacturing facility we machine the flat-patterns and perform the various special operations required to create custom, near injection molded quality, plastic enclosures.

Using our unique toolless system, your custom enclosure is brought to life without the cost, lead time or inflexibility of molds and tooling. The flexibility provided by the toolless manufacturing process allows changes that are quick, easy, and affordable. Throughout the process we work closely with you until the product is perfect to ensure a proper fit and finish of every manufactured enclosure.

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